Our behaviours go deeper than just our personalities. Imagine a large onion; I like to think of our personalities as the core of the onion, and then all the other layers build up to make us who we are: our core values, our boundaries, limiting beliefs, habits, life experiences, role models, emotional intelligence – all of these build up and are what make us human and what make us all individuals.

Exploring the Core: Personality

Let’s start by looking at the core, our personality.

There are many profiling tools in the world. Personally, I find the DISC system particularly insightful, based on the studies of Dr. William Moulton Marston, who in 1928 published his studies on β€œthe Emotions of Normal People”. Interestingly, Marston and his wife, Elizabeth Holloway, were also credited with inventing the early polygraph or lie-detector, and Marston himself was the creator of Wonder Woman – making him an instant hero in my eyes. Born on 9th May 1893, he was also a fellow Taurean, which adds an extra layer of connection for me.

The DISC System

The DISC system resonates with me for its simplicity and ease of use. By simply asking two questions, we can understand someone’s strongest style, whether they’re outgoing or reserved, and whether they’re people-focused or task-focused. Let’s break it down:

  • D – Red: Outgoing and task-focused. These individuals are dominant, fast-paced decision-makers who thrive on challenges and pushing themselves and others.
  • I – Yellow: Outgoing and people-focused. This style represents influence – individuals who are interactive, constantly connecting with others, and interested in building relationships.
  • S – Green: People-focused and reserved. The “Steadiness” style is all about relationality and fostering a team mentality, preferring harmony and peace.
  • C – Blue: Reserved and task-focused. Those with a “Compliance” style seek rules and regulations, delivering results that are correct and meaningful within structured guidelines.

Beyond Labels

It’s crucial to understand that profiling tools like DISC are not about labelling people or putting them in boxes. Instead, they help us recognise, understand, and respect our differences. By understanding what drives others, we can adapt our own style to get the best out of any relationship.

Your Impact Matters

Behaviours start with you. Understanding your style and its impact on others is key to effective communication and collaboration. Spend time with people who are different from you, understanding what motivates and irritates them. This awareness allows you to flex and adapt your style, fostering better relationships.

Moving Forward

Once you grasp personality dynamics, you can delve deeper into other layers of the human experience. It’s a fascinating subject that opens doors to self-awareness and improved interactions.

My Life’s Motto

In conclusion, remember: you have one lap of this thing called life, and you’re in the driving seat. If you’re not happy, indicate and change lanes. Life’s too short to settle for anything less than happiness.

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