People often ask me what I do, or what exactly my role is within bartlett mitchell. My title is Coffee Brands Manager but that does not mean I just manage people branding coffee bags. This has indeed been mentioned by a few people!

I joined bartlett mitchell with the intention of raising the standards of serving coffee for exacting coffee connoisseurs. Customers have a better understanding of good and bad coffee these days. I have spoken to some customers who really love their coffee and my knowledge of lots of speciality coffee shops around London, puts me in a very good position to advise on special coffees at our cafes and restaurants.

My career path into coffee started three years ago when I worked in a contract catering company, I was lucky to meet a renowned person from the coffee business in the UK which ignited my interest in coffee. I have increased my knowledge through training and entered many competitions to increase my experience within the industry and have even won Barista championships.

I now have a big project to bring our newly developed unique speciality coffee brand to bartlett mitchell and to make sure that our coffee will be served to the best standards possible. This is a very important process because it won’t only depend on me but also on the baristas within our business. I hope that for the next few months as I go around all our different sites I can bring my enthusiasm for coffee to everyone.

Miguel Teixeira Camara
Coffee Brands Manager

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