Miguel, Coffee Brand Manager

I joined bartlett mitchell after coming along to a staff party with my partner, who already worked here. Everyone was really welcoming and friendly, and I thought this must be a great place to work. I also liked the obvious emphasis on quality and sustainability.

As soon as I started, it was clear the senior team trusted me to develop Perkee, our sustainable coffee brand. There’s a real entrepreneurial spirit here, and it’s great being able to plan my own time and put my ideas into action. The company gives me space to do this job as efficiently as I can, and welcomes innovation.

When I first saw Perkee, I thought it looked good. It was already a strong brand. So my role has been to polish it a little, focusing particularly on the customer experience, and how baristas can interact with the brand. I always try to put myself in the customer’s shoes, and ask, “What do I want from this coffee? What do I expect?” I want to exceed these expectations, and this motivates me to continue making Perkee even better.

Training baristas is a big part of building the brand, and I think I’ve developed as a teacher while I’ve been here. I’m looking forward to becoming an authorised trainer for the Specialty Coffee Association, which works with the coffee industry to raise standards worldwide. It also runs the UK Barista Championship, and it’s a real thrill to take part.

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