BM Caterers has presented 26 awards recognising the individuals and teams across the business that have gone the extra mile over the last year at its annual FOODIES awards.

At an event hosted in an event site in White City to which all BM team members were invited, team members were celebrated for their customer service, coffee and safety skills and innovation as well as their entrepreneurial spirit, charity work and commitment to diversity.

FOODIES awards winners

The Founders Award went to digital marketing manager Michaela Mulvey, who developed and executed a plan to use TikTok to increase BM’s recruitment applications and create greater awareness of the BM brand.

The videos she produced, which were both a fun insight into the kitchen and communicated the company culture, have been viewed 11 million times, the account has gained 50,000 followers and BM has seen a 900% increase in visits to its recruitment website and a 14% reduction in the ratio of open vacancies to employees across the group. 

The business’ whole TikTok team, led by Michaela, also won BM’s 2023 Innovation Award. 

Mulvey has also spearheaded the launch of ‚ÄėLunch at Work‚Äô, a new podcast aimed at¬†positioning BM as a thought leader in workplace experience,¬†showcasing innovative and creative solutions for workplace challenges, and providing¬†practical and actionable advice for businesses to improve their workplace environments.

 Wendy Bartlett, founder, BM, said: “When you have your own business, you know when you have a gem who shines within an already standout team.

¬†‚ÄúWe believe¬†Michaela¬†has gone above and beyond and blossomed in her time with us,¬†showing that you can grasp opportunities and make a difference. She¬†arrived in a¬†new country¬†and went from being¬†‚Äėthe quiet one‚Äô¬†to totally embedding¬†herself¬†into¬†the very¬†unfamiliarcontact¬†catering¬†world and¬†has¬†made herself irreplaceable.¬†

 “She constantly surprises, her work ethic and popularity are widely shared across the business, and we love that she doesn’t stop learning, takes chances and is a real can-do person.

¬†‚ÄĚHuge congratulations to our entire BM family who go to such lengths for their clients,¬†customers¬†and teammates every year and make it so hard for us to select just a few to¬†give¬†these awards to. We see you all and want to thank all our teams for their hard work.‚ÄĚ

Meanwhile, the Fundamentally Food Team Award went to the BM chef team at a leading law firm in London’s Shoreditch for their use of BM’s Waste-ED concept to reduce their carbon emissions. 

Barista Klaudia Nawrat won Perkee Barista of the Year and George Rodrigues, hospitality manager, also got an award for his volunteer work with homeless peoplein Hastings.

Hospitality manager, Tripti Seth, was awarded the ED&I Award, named in honour of the company’s equality, diversity and inclusion director Gregory Hall, who passed away last year. 

Tripti was recognised for her contribution to BM’s ED&I committee, challenging members in a thoughtful and supportive way and driving the agenda, activity and awareness.

The full list of individual winners for the foodie awards includes:

  • Fundamentally Food Award:¬†Pawel Walaszczyk chef de¬†partie
  • Obsessive about our People Award:¬†Nerida Antoniou,¬†area¬†general manager
  • Open and Honest Award¬†:Richard Hodgson,¬†project manager
  • Dedicated to our Customers Award¬†:¬†Daniel Sequeira,¬†barista
  • Innovative in all we do Award:¬†Amanda Dooley,¬†catering manager
  • Entrepreneurial Individual Award:¬†Ian¬†Kingston,¬†operations director
  • Support you can Trust Award:¬†Anna Clegg, project¬†director
  • Perkee¬†Barista of the Year:¬†Klaudia¬†Nawrat,¬†Head Barista
  • Perkee¬†Manager of the Year:¬†Claudia¬†Pestana, restaurant manager
  • BM Family Superstar Award (individual):¬†Gitana Dzidziguri,¬†catering manager
  • Yapster¬†Superhero Award:¬†Charlotte Newman, nutrition manager
  • Gregory Hall ED&I Award:¬†Tripti Seth, hospitality manager,
  • BM Family Charity Champion Award:¬†George Rodrigues,¬†hospitality manager,¬†
  • BM Family Charity Champion Team Award: Ukrainian charity dinner team
  • BM Family Safety 360 Award:¬†Ewelina¬†Borys,¬†catering manager,
  • Founders Award:¬†Michaela Mulvey, digital marketing manager

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