Speaking at yesterday’s Arena Christmas Event held at the Mandarin Oriental in London, Wendy Bartlett, founder and CEO of bartlett mitchell, spoke of how the industry has made it too complicated for chefs to enter the industry.

At the top of Wendy’s Christmas wish list is for the industry to address the chef recruitment issue and to form one organisation that will pull the industry together.

“We are too disparate as an industry. We have too many organisations who are there in their power base and doing the thing they need to do, which means you don’t end up with one voice.”

Wendy Bartlett, CEO

Wendy challenged the room to name the qualifications a chef is required to get to find a job and highlighted that it has become too complicated to come into the industry.

The Arena Christmas Event also provides the hospitality industry with the opportunity to network as well as gaining insight and knowledge, which attendees can take back to their own businesses

Written by Andrew McClean

This article appeared in cost sector catering and the full article can be read here

The event and Wendy’s speech received great reviews. You can read reviews and see photos on the Arena site here

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My earliest food memories are of my mum’s baking; coconut pyramid cakes were my favourite.

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