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Bex Tonks

St Ewe eggs

St Ewe free range eggs

Champion of animal welfare and staunch supporter of British farming, family-run St Ewe is one of our egg suppliers. We work very closely with them and look forward to seeing our partnership grow – especially as they source eggs only from farmers who let hens have the outdoor lifestyle they deserve, happily ranging free, and able to forage in clean, fresh air. As CEO, Bex ensures all the farms they work with follow these exacting standards. She believes you can taste the difference, and we agree!

Bex also works hard to minimise St Ewe’s carbon footprint. For example, its cartons are made from recycled paper, and are fully recyclable and compostable. Also, the production site uses wind and water energy, and has recently installed solar power. And all carbon emissions from transport are offset through reforestation.

“"Throughout our development, we have been careful to retain our family feel, and the emphasis will always be on doing the right thing."”

Bex Tonks

The business also takes its social responsibilities very seriously, running initiatives to support the food, farming and hospitality industries in Cornwall, raising money for local and national causes, and donating eggs to food charities.

Having packed its first egg in 2007, St Ewe now handles the eggs of 600,000 hens from 30 family-run farms. But its size has never compromised its values.

Bex and family St Ewe - eggs

Bex and her family