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Henrique Sloper

Camocim Estate


The Camocim Estate is home to our Perkee Santo coffee. Henrique inherited the Camocim Estate, in the Pedra Azul region of Brazil, from his grandfather in 1996.

Since then, Henry has introduced organic and biodynamic farming methods – which enrich the soil and help produce pest-resistant beans, removing the need for pesticides and chemical fertilisers. Through this work, Perkee Santo’s sustainability credentials have been confirmed with a series of accreditations, including the EU Organic certified mark and Produto Organico Brasil certification. 

As president of the Brazil Speciality Coffee Association, Henrique is setting an example to other coffee farmers. Most importantly, he’s showing how his organic approach can achieve impressive results – Perkee Santo is a deliciously soft, sweet coffee, with hints of hazelnut, vanilla and milk chocolate. 

Camocim coffee pickers - henrique

Camocim coffee pickers sorting Perkee Santo beans

Pedra Azul region of Brazil - henrique - Single use plastics

Pedra Azul region of Brazil where Fazenda Camocim is located