As with most other people, I haven’t been shopping for wine since Christmas, but now for the first wine blog of the year, I have been creeping round the drink aisles of the supermarkets. The one that has impressed me is Tesco, for several reasons. Firstly they have put their wines on the shelves, not only by country, but also by price. The more expensive are on the top shelf, medium on the middle and most reasonable on the bottom. You decide what you want to pay and you only have to look at that shelf. Very simple but a great idea. Secondly, they have a very good selection of low and non-alcoholic wines, and from well-known wine-makers. I have got some and I am looking at other stores for comparisons, so I shall be publishing next week. I already have many non-alcoholic beers which I used a lot over Christmas. They are excellent now, so no excuses.

Lots of good wines at reasonable prices. No fizzy wines this week. We have probably had enough over the last month!

Mud House Sauvignon Blanc 2019

Marlborough New Zealand

This is a very reasonable Kiwi Sauv Blanc and reduced in price at Tesco from £9.00 to £7.00, making it a good value. But there is another advantage, in that for a fiver, they do the wine in 50cl bottles. A lovely idea if you only want 2 good glasses. Many years ago some wines and champagnes were sold in 50cl bottles. Never knew why it stopped. This is a wine with lots of fruit flavours. Guava, grapefruit and melon. A lot of taste for your money

Jam Shed Shiraz

South Eastern Australia

This is a slightly sweeter red wine than I would usually recommend, but there are those who don’t like all the dry reds I usually do. A village called Clare in SE Oz had a company making jam, and after it closed, the wine production started in the building. It says ‘rich, jammy and smooth’ on the label, and is also described as ultra-ripe, big, ballsy dark plum flavours. Goes really well with pasta. £7.00 at Tesco. Interesting.

Beefsteak Club Malbec


Another red to enjoy in the wet and windy evenings. From Argentina, this is consistently good, deep red in colour with ripe black fruits on the nose. Soft tannins and very smooth. Waitrose presently down from £8.99 to £6.74. Value I think

Have a great week, and non-alcoholic wines next week, so you don’t have to read it if you don’t fancy any!

Pip pip


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