With Christmas just around the corner Ian is here to share his Christmas Wine recommendations

Who would have thought just before Christmas last year we would be in this ghastly situation. But hopefully we can have a cheerful Christmas with some decent wine. Problem is we then have Brexit which could affect our wine supplies considerably. Like everything with Brexit, who knows!

As many of you are aware, I have lost my taste and smell since March after contracting Covid. It is probably back to about 20% of what it was. I can certainly tell whether it is good or bad. Anyway, a few wines from memory and the help of my wife who has a better palate than me anyway.

Sparkling Wine

This year I am going for Crémants. These are sparkling wines from around France and represent great value. Many are made just like Champagne. There is a smasher from Aldi, Créntmat de Jura from the west of France. 100% Chardonnay – £8.49.

Sainsbury’s have a lovely Crémant de  Loire made from Chenin Blanc and Chardonnay grapes. It’s one of the Taste the Difference range. Very dry but still fresh. On special at the moment, down from £11.50 to £9.00. I have invested in quite a lot of bottles!

Lastly, one of my favourites, Cremant de Limoux from the Languedoc. Making sparkling since 1531, and it is said that Dom Perignon learnt his trade there. This better than his! Waitrose at £8.99 down from £11.99.

White wine

A couple here at excellent prices, for stunning wines. From Marks & Spencer, Workhorse Chenin Blanc. Comes from Stellenbosch in South Africa and is produced by one the best, Ken Forrester. Lots of pineapple flavours. Chenin is particularly good in South Africa. I’ve a few for the weekend at £8.00.

Then a Gewürztraminer Cave de Turkheim. Love this wine with its lychee and rose petal flavours and wonderful with spicy food. At Waitrose down from £10.99 to £8.99.

Red wine

Mad Fish Shiraz from Tesco and produced in Western Australia. Great flavours of blackberry and pepper and at £9.00 a bottle, really excels. With my taste buds not really working, this seeks out the flavour. The other flavoursome wine I have chosen is Les Hautes de Saint Martin from St Chinian in the Languedoc. Spicy, meaty and great balance and at £7.75 from the Co-Op, amazing value.

And finally, Dow’s Trademark Finest Reserve Port at Sainsbury’s. I hope a lot gets consumed at Christmas, because this is a Christmas present wine. Presently down from £10 (a steal) to £7.00. Can’t believe it.

It only remains for me to wish you a Very Happy Christmas, and a considerably better 2021.

Pip pip.

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