Finally results of climate change are coming through. It is not good news for younger wine drinkers. Doesn’t really affect old gits like me, but still worrying. If average temperatures rise by 2 degrees, which may happen in the next 30 years, 56% of wine areas could be wiped out. Hence wine drinkers, you need to do your best to reduce global warming. Vineyards are going to have to change their grapes to those that cope with higher temperatures. That will be a problem for Burgundy where the Pinot Noir grape prefers cooler temperatures. Life is not made easier for wine drinkers. Brexit, high taxes and now global warming. Make the best of good wines now!

Haven’t been to Sainsbury’s for ages and went this week to keep up with the Taste the Difference range, which you will know from previous blogs, I am a great fan of. Excellent value, well controlled by the wine buyers of Sainsbury’s. I hope you enjoy my choices.

Taste the Difference Viognier 2018

Languedoc France

I have become a great fan of Viognier. Makes a lovely change from Sauv Blanc and Chardonnay. Slightly aromatic showing flavours of citrus, peach and honeysuckle. Great with fish and Thai Asian food.  This also a Vegan wine. Just £8.00 a bottle

Alsace Gewürztraminer TtD 2018


This is a wine I could drink for breakfast lunch and dinner. From the lovely Cave de Turkheim you won’t find a better-made wine. Very fruity so doesn’t appear dry, but wonderful flavours of lychees, turkish delight and rose petals. I have recommended this before but not for some years, but still as good as ever. Now £9.00 a bottle so still great value. Vegetarian.

Rioja Reserva TtD 2014


Bold and intense flavours of cherries and black fruits from a family-owned vineyard in the most famous Spanish wine area. Lots of time in oak therefore real vanilla flavours which is great in a wine of this type and age. A smooth and mellow red wine and under a tenner at £9.00 a bottle. Vegan

Sparkling Pinot Rosé TtD


A lovely, slightly less alcohol pink sparkler, giving 11% alcohol and fresh summer berry flavours. Really refreshing, and light, and down £2.00 to £7.50 a bottle. At that price, worth a try!  Vegetarian

Enjoy, Sainsbury’s shoppers

Pip pip.


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