Well, it’s that time of year again, Christmas is almost upon us. Not my favourite time to be honest, too commercial. I’m sure on the day I will feel better about it. Let’s get some good wine to help us through at any rate!

Jolly difficult to recommend only a few good wines as there are so many now. As I have always said, drink what you really enjoy. My choices are my taste, but I hope you enjoy a few of them.

I have ignored champagne as there are so many, and if you want to pay the money, the choice is huge. One recommendation is Les Pionniers Rosé NV from the Co-Op. Had some last year and it is terrific value at £22.

Tesco Finest 1531 Blanquette de Limoux 2015.

We drink a Blanquette de Limoux all the time when in France. Sparkling wine was invented here in 1529 and they really have got it right. Dry, delicate and very easy to drink. Tesco £8.00 Good value

Organic Prosecco from Aldi

This is an excellent dry Prosecco which I have recommended before. From the vineyards of the famous Corvezzo family near Venice. The grape, Clera, is predominantly hand-picked and has an apple and pear flavour. Lowish alcohol at 11.5 ABV, and great value at £7.99.

La Perriere Pouilly Fume 2018 

This famous Sauvignon Blanc from the Loire Valley in France across the river from Sancerre has a lovely fruit concentration and classic flinty flavours. This is my pick for Christmas, from Waitrose at £10 down from £16.79. Best Christmas present!

Frei Brothers Sonoma Chardonnay 2017 

Apologies for another wine from Waitrose, but they have some stunning wine all at £10.  This is an excellent chardonnay for those that like this grape variety, from the Russian River Valley in California, with fresh aromas of apples, citrus and the buttery, toasty richness of a good chardonnay. Almost Burgundy like. Until 18 December this is £10, down a massive £7.99 from £17.99.

Ciel de Lilac Coteaux D’Aix en Provence 2018

Cracking Rosé from Aldi, great presentation with flavours of summer fruits, white peaches, rose petals and violets. A minerally lemon finish makes it ideal for the richness of a turkey. £8.99

 Villa Antinori 2016

The Antinori family have been making wine near Venice since 1385. This is a master blend of Sangiovese, Merlot and Cabinet Sauvignon grapes. Oaky red-fruit flavours. Big and bold and perfect with roasts. Another at Waitrose for £10, down from £15.99 until 18th December.

Sainsbury’s Rioja Gran Reserva 2011

This is a great wine, smooth, spicy vanilla, red fruits and caramel flavours from the highly respected CVNE winery. Hand-picked grapes with care producing something really special. It is down £1.50 to £12, but well-worth the bit extra.

It only remains to thank you for reading my ramblings, and I wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a healthy New Year.

Pip pip.

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