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What we do

Enhancing company culture through food

Working with a global marketing agency with multiple brands, we provide catering for two of its UK-based businesses ā€“ serving around 300 customers a day at one location and over 1,750 at the other. At both, our services include breakfast, lunch, hospitality and events, all with a huge emphasis on supporting and reinforcing a positive workplace experience.

Our relationship with our client began in 2016, but in 2018 they chose a full facilities-management provider. After the pandemic, they were looking for a more flexible cafƩ service to support fewer people on site. Based on the success of the catering we had provided previously, they decided not to go for the full facilities-management service, preferring to trust a dedicated provider for catering services, as more and more employees returned to work.

Developing a new service, focusing on fresh, tasty food at competitive prices, we gained widespread feedback that this was a big improvement on the previous provider. Sales were exceeding pre-Covid levels well before the building was fully occupied ā€“ we even had to put in queue-management systems to cope with peak-time volumes.


Helping create a great place to work

By offering a variety of service models, we now provide workplace benefits to a diverse mix of employees. In particular, free breakfast (porridge, toast and yogurt), along with cut-price coffee throughout the day, bring people into the restaurant and cafĆ© while helping them financially. As a result, our clientā€™s staff really feel their employer is looking after them. This positivity spreads to all areas of the business, and the CEO has recognised this, even mentioning it in a BBC radio interview.

Client recommendations

Our influence on the working environment has helped build a great client relationship ā€“ especially with the facilities-management team, whose choice of caterer has gained recognition from senior management. So when a new building on the same office development opened, and our client knew the incoming tenants, they recommended us and let us use their kitchens to cater for the additional building. To meet this extra demand, we expanded our catering team, building a stronger resource for both clients.

ā€œ"Since taking over our catering operations in 2020, BM has transformed the service provided at our sites. Regular positive feedback from our staff, particularly about the pop-up chef events reflects the first-class service we receive from everyone in the BM team".ā€