Family and friends together this Easter.

No one likes being chained to the kitchen when they have friends or family around, so I have created this Easter meal planner so you will have more time with the people you want to be with.



Courgette Fritters with whipped feta and brown butter dressed asparagus


Slow roasted shoulder of lamb with boulangere and charred tenderstem 


White chocolate panna cotta with salted caramel ganache and raspberries


These dishes can either be prepared a day in advance or are quick and simple to make on the day. This means you will have plenty of time to enjoy your bank holiday weekend. These times allow you to eat at 2.00pm.

The day before

10.00am – Visit the shops and buy anything that you may have forgotten. Others will have forgotten things too, so you don’t want the stress of finding empty shelves!

12.00pm – Cut and freeze the raspberries.

12.30pm – Start to prepare the panna cotta and put them in the fridge to chill.

1.30pm – Make the ganache. This can sit covered in a cool place overnight, but do not put into the fridge as it will set and it will create another job to re-melt it.

Peel the garlic and keep it in the fridge. Cover tightly so your panna cotta doesn’t absorb the smell of garlic.

Take the rest of the day off.

On the day

8.00am – Prepare the potatoes and onions for the lamb and pre-heat the oven.

8:30am – Put the lamb and vegetables in the oven.

Have breakfast, put your feet up and read the paper.

11.00am – Whip the feta.

11.20am – Prepare the courgette fritters and the asparagus, these will hold so don’t worry.

12.00pm – Make sure the wine* is chilled and the table is set.

12.30pm – Check the lamb, a little baste of the rendered fat doesn’t hurt at this point.

1.20pm – Start cooking the fritters, they can be kept in the oven once the lamb is out.

1.30pm – Remove the lamb from the oven.

1.50pm – Plate up your fritters and put the butter onto the asparagus.

2.00pm – Serve the courgette and asparagus starter.

2.15pm – Start cooking the tenderstem, while this is happening, dish up the lamb and place on the table.

2.25pm – Serve the main.

Whatever time you like, build the dessert and enjoy the people you are with.


For a stress free Easter download Pete’s planner here Easter Meal Planner

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