We recently held our AGM, which is one of my favourite times of the year. It gives us the chance to gather the BM team from all over the country, to see old friends and colleagues from the business, hear about all the achievements of the business over the last year and more importantly, what we are going to be doing for the 12 months.

We are Fundamentally Food

What is a BM get together without food? That’s right, nothing!

This year the development team showcased an amazing array of both sweet and savoury concepts which are very relevant to our business and for the times we live in right now.

As a chef, over the last decade in this business, there is one thing that has always been a challenge and I’m sure it will only continue to be and that is space! Storage space is always a challenge but with kitchen space reducing in some of our sites, we needed to develop concepts that not only deliver value for money, for the times we are living, but also for reduced facility sizes.

Ban the Brown

We showcased our ban the brown concept, which is a burst of colour to the typically golden brown coffee bar area. It focuses on both sweet and savoury options, such as open sandwiches, filled focaccia, topped flat breads, filled croissants, layered rye-bread and many more. What is a coffee bar without cakes, so the team showcased all the new and exciting recipes that bring vibrant colour along with the delicious smack in the mouth you need.

Pop-Up Pioneers

The team also showcased elements from our Pop-Up Pioneers which brings authentic street food from around the world to our customers. We focused on the new noodlecraft concept which brings a simple noodles dishes or ramen up to a whole new level and more importantly, can be delivered to the highest standard with very little space or equipment.

There was even room for the new Detroit style pizza range, which is my favourite style of pizza out there in the world. It is now also accessible to pretty much all of the business.

These AGMs are always one of a the great annual highlights for the whole #bmFamily💜💚. Not only to share our successes over the last 12 months but also a great time to plan and talk about the future. Our business is built on people and food, that’s what these AGMs are all about!

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