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Reflecting on a stellar year for the #BMfamily💜💚


When people ask how’s it going at the #BMfamily💜💚, I reply ‘great’. However, looking back at the year, I should say it’s bloody outstanding! This blog might be longer than usual as listing our achievements is a lengthy, but important, task. We sometimes forget all that is achieved until we see it in one place.

Triumphant return to pre-pandemic success

We are three years into being part of a trusted, safe pair of hands within the WSH collection. Ta-Dah, trumpeters 🎺 ablaze – we are back to our pre-pandemic turnover with improved results.

Impressive sales growth and retention

Our sales growth and retention have been super impressive, thanks to our amazing sales team. This reflects our impact in supporting clients in attracting customers back to the office.

Outstanding team member satisfaction

We scored 4.7 out of 5 as best companies to work for on Glassdoor. This is particularly rewarding as it’s given by current and past team members independently. We’ve been in the best company list for 10 years – the only contract caterer to say that! For us, it’s not about a flash-bang approach but consistent delivery of our promise over many years.

The return of friends to #BMfamily💜💚

Many pandemic leavers have returned to us, choosing BM Caterers in a competitive marketplace. They often express how much they’ve missed us and appreciate the small touches that make them feel valued. I love hearing recruits say, “You know what, Wendy, I was cynical about the use of the word ‘family’ – but you really feel that connection here.” This sentiment reinforces the importance of our in-person induction, where we meet nearly everyone who joins us. It’s always surprising to learn how few new recruits have had the opportunity to see or speak with ‘the bosses’ at other companies. At BM, we believe that if people are your most important asset, then giving them respect, importance, and your time, is the most valuable way to deliver on our promise on all levels.

Celebrating career journeys

Our team members have had exciting career journeys, thanks to the incredible practical training we offer. To name but a few:

  • Ewelina, from GA to impressive manager.
  • Craig, from KP to successful chef manager.
  • Dorita, from GA to embarking on a leadership course.
  • Michelle, from part-time Tele-seller to a star sales manager.

There are numerous managers embarking on new career directions, making it impossible to mention them all. To highlight a few, Natasha has become an operations manager in a bustling regional area, and Milda, Diana, Nerida, Michiel and Mark are transitioning from single site roles to taking on multi-site positions. Dorri, who joined us through a TUPE transfer, has evolved into an inspiring Learning and Development lead at BM. We’re proud to have over 90% of our team engaged in training, aiming to reach 95% as our standard. Additionally, the number of our managers achieving Level 3 NVQ qualifications is on the rise, a testament to our commitment to developing the future leaders of our company.

Chef achievements: a culinary triumph

Our chefs, under Chef Director Pete, are thriving and supporting our FOODIES culture. Pop Up Pioneers led by Sunil showcase their heritage through street food. We’re also proud of Catrin for competing in professional MasterChef competition. Our chefs receive support from Michelin Star Consultant Chefs Adam Byatt and Mark Kempston, helping them scale new heights in their careers. Additionally, Mark has been instrumental in supporting the launch of our new Hungry Chef competition, designed to be more approachable for those beginning their journey in showcasing their culinary skills.

Team member success stories

Murray’s journey from butler to Head of People and Talent exemplifies our commitment to personal growth and measurable success. Under Murray’s leadership, we’ve introduced new benefits for our team members. Having worked on the frontline himself, Murray possesses an ideal perspective on what’s needed, important, and valued by our team members, ensuring our initiatives are truly meaningful and impactful.

Commitment to diversity and inclusion

Alongside nurturing our team’s career growth, BM Caterers is deeply committed to fostering equity, diversity, and inclusion. We’re currently honing our focus on race equity, collaborating with Natasha Landers. Her expertise will be pivotal in guiding our strategy to promote diversity, especially in management roles, emphasizing race and ethnicity.

Our ESG journey and community achievements

We’ve maintained Planet Mark accreditation for five years, reducing carbon emissions. Our team raised £50k in one night for the Order of St George’s works in Ukraine, among other fundraising initiatives including walks, litter picking, and community events.

Social media success and marketing innovations

We’ve made a significant impact on social media this year, with millions of hits, especially on TikTok. Our Marketing team has nurtured talents like Jess and Meng-Hsuan from frontline roles to creative marketing positions. A notable achievement is our “Lunch at Work” podcast, produced by Michaela, offering insightful interviews and industry discussions, further elevating our brand. Jess recently traveled to Nicaragua with our Head of Beverage, Adrian, to witness first hand the Soppexcca community and the transformative impact of the BM Perkee coffee brand. This visit truly highlights how our initiatives can change lives.

Additionally, did you know that the £10,000 donation we made following Lin’s and my visit to Nicaragua in 2017 has funded a small portable kitchen in the community? This kitchen now employs 8 people, providing them with a much-needed future and furthering our commitment to positive global impact.

Gratitude to every #BMfamily💜💚 member

This year we had over 800 Foodies Values nominations for our annual team member awards, that is nearly one per team member, it’s clear the #BMfamily💜💚 knows how to show appreciation.

Engaging and welcoming new recruits

Our ‘Meet the Directors’ day emphasises our commitment to each team member. A weekly highlight is the COT (cup of tea) training sessions led by Sally, who brings a fun flamingo flair to even the H&S monthly focus. These interactive sessions, complete with lively pre-session chats, showcase our enjoyable approach to learning and engagement. Sally’s creativity infuses BM’s vibrant culture, enhancing the sense of connection within the #bmfamily💜💚.

Cultivating connection and communication

Following our engaging induction and training sessions, our commitment to strong team communication continues. Our internal communication platform, Yapster, is central to this effort, boasting 5,000 posts and 13,000 comments from team members this year. This ensures our teams are engaged and their voices are heard. It’s key to keeping our widespread team united, reinforcing our identity as a close-knit #bmfamily💜💚.

Looking forward

Ian Mitchell and I continue to be actively involved in BM. Looking ahead, by the next end-of-year summary, we’ll be gearing up to celebrate our 25th birthday with a big bang party (a heads-up to the #BMfamily💜💚!). Despite the groans I hear, my role remains crucial in ensuring we stay true to the #fundamentallyfood fun ethos that defines being part of the #BMfamily💜💚.

We now have a capable and mainly homegrown leadership team, led by Antony and Angus, our Managing Directors. Their journeys reflect the genuine progression opportunities within BM. We are continually evolving, steadfast in our journey as an independently thinking boutique caterer. Our clients have witnessed our evolution, and we stand out in one significant aspect – our commitment to them. This ensures our journey remains authentic and consistent, true to our core FOODIES values and principles.

So, when I look at all we’ve achieved this year, I know it’s not just PR; we’ve made a real difference in many ways. If you follow us on social media, you’ll see that we consistently live our FOODIES values. Here’s to another year of success and growth for the #BMfamily💜💚! Best wishes to you and yours from me and Ian.