As we celebrate LGBT history month we wanted to take some time to reflect on the positive legacy Gregory, who established our EDandI committee, has left us. Here Gregory’s husband, Joey, along with two of his colleagues and close friends talk about their memories and how Gregory has had a positive effect on their lives.


Greg has touched so many people through his advocacy for equality, diversity and inclusion; a cause that was exceptionally close to his heart. He is admired immensely in tackling discrimination and leading the change and building a work culture where everyone feels respected and included. Greg was known to all those that knew him as an incredibly selfless person; not just through his kindness and humility, but also in his character. His unwavering optimism has inspired so many of us.

As we celebrate LGBT history, we are reminded of those who struggled and fought for love, acceptance and inclusion. Greg, like many of us, had to fight through so many adversities and carried that strength all the way as he danced through life with cancer. As we face our individual challenges and demons, let that strength, resilience, posivity and his beaming smile and the shining star that he is be our guiding light.


I knew Gregory, in both a professional and personal capacity and whilst he was clearly taken too soon, what he achieved in his life is an inspiration to me and others, and the way he conducted himself lives on through many of us on a daily basis.

I first met Gregory when working for Elior, I was immediately in awe of Gregory’s work ethic and also his compassion for others, it didn’t matter what time, what circumstance, Gregory would always have time for the individual. When I moved to BM to be reunited with Gregory, I was instantly re-motivated and realised that working alongside Gregory made the most stressful and challenging situation……fun! It didn’t matter what we were up against, or how many hours we’d already worked, Gregory would smile and attack the situation head on with us.

I was so proud of what Gregory achieved through his work in ED&I. Championing at every possible networking event and ensuring ED&I wasn’t just a slogan, it was embedded in our fabric at all levels. Personally, I will always be grateful for Gregory allowing me to go on the journey with him. I often looked in awe at how someone could be so passionate and articulate, getting the right tone over and over again. Seeing him win 2 awards for BM in 2022 was amazing, as I knew how much he put into his work and what this meant to him.

Gregory wasn’t just a work colleague, he was one of my very best and closest friends.We often enjoyed a drink or 10 on a random Tuesday evening and when I saw him loosen that tie, I knew we were in for a fun night and one far removed from the straight tie professional!!!

One of the highlights was being a guest Gregory and Joey’s wedding in March 2022. Seeing Gregory that day reminded me of all that was good with the world, the happiness on his face was something we should all strive for.

The world is a worse place for not having Gregory Hall in it and he has left a giant void for a huge number of people. But, with a positive Gregory hat on, I feel privileged to have spent those times with Gregory and he has left an impact on me and many others that will last a lifetime and beyond.


I don’t even know where to start… I met Gregory in 2016 when I started working in contract catering. He was my GM back then… we both worked for a different company. What struck me was his infectious laugh, exhausting energy and positivity. We actually became really close and in 2019 he is the reason I moved to BM.

As a boss he was really supportive, protective and there for you 24/7, regardless of how much he had on his plate. His biggest legacy I think is ED&I and I joined the steering group, because he drove the committee with so much passion. I know a lot a people in the industry who talk about him exactly the same. So he had a massive impact on a lot of people.

I miss him every day and I wouldn’t be who I am today as a manager and as a person if it wasn’t for him.

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