A company’s culture is a reflection of their values. It impacts every facet of business from performance through to market perception.

Defining a company’s culture is important. It can highlight what should stay and be built upon or if there’s a need for some evolution. Today’s society wants to be connected and feel part of something. A strong company culture can create a sense of belonging.

A fundamental human need

Social belonging is hardwired into our DNA. Psychologists believe that our need to belong is on par with our need for love. A sense of belonging promotes inclusivity and unification and makes one feel part of a team. To achieve this at work, team members need;

  • Reward and recognition
  • Connection to their team and the senior management
  • Support for their role and career goals
  • Pride in the company’s values and ethos.

Developing a sense of belonging is particularly relevant following Covid-19. The pandemic had a devastating impact on the hospitality industry. We worked hard to save as many jobs as possible at BM. Unfortunately the closure of a few client contracts meant that some team members were sadly made redundant. Testament to our #BMFamily culture, we’re proud that 40% of our new joiners this year worked for us before.

A strong culture elevates companies

A strong culture improve levels of team engagement, productivity and performance. It sets out how teams operate and do business. The #BMFamily culture make every team member feel valued and special. Our FOODIES values are our foundation stones and have created a strong culture. BM’s FOODIES values were set by our founders, Wendy Bartlett and Ian Mitchell and they continue to be our guiding principles. These values that connect our senior management and team members, they have created a unified front with a strong sense of belonging and empowerment. This has created a healthy and enviable company culture which is why I like working here.

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