We all appreciate the purpose of World FM Day, to recognise and celebrate the vital work that Workplace and Facilities Managers and the wider industry contribute to businesses worldwide. During the pandemic, Facilities Managers have made a crucial contribution to ensure high standards of health and safety as well as accommodate a plethora of new requirements.

Connect and collaborate webinar sessions

I would like to personally and on behalf of bartlett mitchell, thank you all. The COVID-19 pandemic caught most of us by surprise, and few were prepared with pandemic plans. Our Connect and Collaborate webinar sessions proved to be an absolute blessing in terms of the strength of the connections and our collaboration; both old and new. Our aim was to provide guidance and for us to showcase how catering could still be offered in a safe and innovative way. The collaboration is infectious and our webinars and events are still going strong and picking up pace as we look to re-imagine the workplace with catering at the heart of supporting wellbeing, innovation, talent and attraction and sustainability goals.

We are stronger together

If Covid-19 and this strange dystopia has taught us anything; it is that we are stronger together. The pandemic has brought the profession together with everyone sharing the same problem. Our clients and our wider network have been instrumental in the research and in turn, the innovations that we have developed and implemented. I would like to thank our clients and wider network for the insight that you have provided over the past year. We’ve shared our concerns, our requirements and our visions over a medicinal glass of wine or two and I, for one, have thoroughly enjoyed our conversation and laughter.

Your questions have fuelled our thinking

Your questions have fuelled our thinking; change is not necessarily linear and food style and service is not exclusive. Pioneering service will remain the undisputed innovation and we understand the need to sweat your assets. Office lobbies look likely to be the high streets of the future and café bars need to be theatrical and flip from barista coffees and pastries by day to Espresso Martinis and bar snacks by night.

We salute the work you do. The renewed importance of health and wellbeing coupled with resilience and building sustainability; you have been thrust into the re-imagining of the workplace conversation.

Celebrating the work of FM has never been so important to all peoples of this world. Long may our conversations and collaboration continue. Thank you! Happy World FM Day…let’s all celebrate in your success.


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