At BM, we nurture our team members and offer opportunities for career development. Our #BMfamily demonstrates this with their inspiring career journey stories. We begin our happy journey stories with Murray Soper, our Head of People and Culture, who embodies the limitless potential at BM.

Growth and leadership for Murray

Murray’s journey from Events Assistant to Head of People and Culture at BM demonstrates our belief that every team member has the potential for remarkable success and growth. Murray’s progression within BM mirrors our commitment to personal and professional development.

Our culture values each person, which helps our team members to advance in their careers. BM offers more than just jobs. It supports continuous growth embodied by core FOODIES values. BM focuses on delicious food and great people.

Murray’s career journey

Right at the start, I casually mentioned, ‘So, you’re in H.R., right?’ Murray was quick to offer a friendly correction. ‘Actually, we don’t use the term H.R. here at BM. It can feel a bit impersonal, almost as if people are just resources. But that’s not how we see it. Each individual in our #BMfamily team is valued for their unique talents and contributions.

From Oxford, Murray moved to London at 13. After graduating as a biochemist at Dundee University, London was calling. He missed the hustle and bustle of the big smoke. He began his career as an Events Assistant at a Member’s Club. After a few months of gaining valuable experience and honing his skills in the event management sector, Murray felt ready to take on more significant challenges and opportunities. This lead him to his next career step as an agency waiter at an Investment Bank. It was 9-5. They served a small lunch, and I looked after the meeting rooms.

Within 3 months, Murray knew he had found his calling and applied for the permanent position as a Butler. Shortly afterwards, they awarded BM this catering contract.

It was 2002 and the Investment Bank was one of BM’s first contracts. Wendy Bartlett was the Area Manager, and Ian Mitchell was on-site. They have always been hands-on. They wanted BM to be successful and looked to me for support.

Murray was instrumental in BM’s early growth. He was soon promoted to Assistant General Manager. He said, “A strong and well-defined culture was at the core of BM’s success. Including our FOODIES values, delicious food and great people. The company’s steady growth has ensured these values are the same 20 years on”.

Murray is now BM’s People and Culture lead. He is a champion of uplifting teams, helping them feel valued and respected.

What’s special about BM?

“BM’s values and culture are clear and we attract people who share the same values. This is what makes us special and invaluable for our retention and our growth.”

How does BM communicate its values?

“Our team’s advocacy, story-sharing, and confirmation of their experiences are powerful. At open days and job fairs, we can meet potential applicants face to face, building rapport. We communicate our values through everything we do.”

Where can BM improve?

“Encouraging the diversity of our leadership structure. It is something we are changing. Collaborating with Diversity Consultant, Natasha Landers has been invaluable. Her insights are crucial in understanding the barriers to diversity. We are working to uncover and unpack our unconscious bias.”

Murray’s foodie favourites

As a company who loves food, I couldn’t miss the chance to delve into Murray’s comfort foodie favourites. BM reflects his commitment to quality and simplicity through his love for simple flavoursome choices. He enjoys fruity black filter coffee and versatile ingredients like pasta.

Blend your passion with purpose at BM

Now, it’s your turn to blend your passions with a fulfilling career. At BM, your journey can be as rich and varied as the flavours we love. Join us and craft your own unique story, becoming a special member of our #BMfamily, just like Murray.

Intrigued by the possibilities? Reach out to us here to explore how your career can flourish at BM.

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