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Wilf Marriott

Islands Chocolate

Islands chocolate cocoa plantations in St Vincent

Since starting out in 2018, Islands quickly built a reputation for quality and ethics. As well as supplying BM, Islands can now be found on menus at renowned restaurants, such as Trinity, Ottolenghi, The Hand & Flowers, and Marcus.

Islands’ cocoa operation in St Vincent employs over 150, with a harvest that doubles each year. At its UK office in Battersea, a team of 11 works hard to make Islands the chocolate of choice for restaurants, hotels, bakeries and the highest-quality catering companies. 

As both farmers and producers, Islands can control everything: exemplary farming practices and traceability, highly skilled harvesting and advanced processing techniques, expert chocolate crafting, and creative recipe development. This attention to detail at every stage ensures consistently high quality. We know we can rely on Islands. 

Bags of Islands chocolate