We want to make it easier for our customers to make informed choices about their food and the impact it has on the planet. That’s why we have created delicious Eat with the Earth in mind lower carbon, planet-friendly dishes.

Food production is one of the largest contributors to carbon emissions. More than a third of man-made greenhouse gas emissions are generated by the food system. From growing crops to processing, transport, storage and throwing away food – everything we eat has an impact on the environment and the climate. By making small changes to what we eat, from plant-based diets to reducing food waste – we can make a big impact to CO2Β reduction.

Designed by BM’s chefs, Eat with the Earth in mind tasty dishes have a lower carbon footprint. They feature

  • More plant-based proteins
  • Less animal proteins
  • Reduced waste
  • A celebration of local and seasonal produce
  • Sustainably sourced fish

Eat with the Earth in mind – good for you and good for the planet.

If you would like to try some great dishes where we’ve replaced some of the meat with vegetables, but still has the great taste you expect or have used items which would have otherwise been thrown away, take a look at these recipes.

Watch here as Wendy and Kevin discuss, how the idea for the ethos of Eating with The Earth In Mind came about and ways in which small changes have made big differences.