With the whole of the UK getting ready to help celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, 70 years of service as reigning Monarch. As usual, my mind instantly goes to “Well what will I eat?”

This is one of the reasons for my ongoing need for baggy clothing, but is also my job, so balances out!

I know that families will be holding parties and street parties will be popping up all over the country. Fingers crossed the weather will hold out, so the older generation can enjoy a gin or sherry in the sun, the kids can annoy everyone by nearly hitting them with the football, while tearing around the closed off streets and the teenagers can act like they don’t care about anything.

As always, a big part to these occasions is the food. Easy to prepare, ideally easy to eat with your fingers or with one hand, no one wants to work too hard on the day, so dishes that can be done in advance so you can spend more time putting up the bunting and testing out your deck chair.

There are so many recipes that would fit the bill for this occasion, like a good old Battenberg cake, classic sausage rolls or even just a plate of quality sandwiches.

Here are a few that will be gracing my Jubilee table, on this memorable day.

Sweet Treats

Savoury Dishes



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