Flawless foodservice in finance

This London based investment management firm manages over $100 billion for a range of institutional and private clients. Our client is at the forefront of its field. They use advanced scientific methods and state-of-the-art technology to provide strong portfolio solutions and performance on investments. For 3300 employees each day, we provide a varied catering service as well as a number of initiatives that promote environmental mindfulness and healthy living.

At the staff restaurant our award-winning chefs take care to create innovative menus bursting with seasonal and sustainably sourced produce. Employees with busy schedules can pick up quick, on the go snacks from a range of vending facilities. Our own brand of sustainably sourced Perkee Coffee is served all day by our highly-trained baristas at a brand-new coffee bar. Plus, as part of our catering service we provide a fine dining and events catering which can be tailored according to bespoke requests from the client.

Sustainability and healthy living

Throughout our contract with this client, we have worked to encourage sustainability and nutrition. Our chefs consistently strive to produce healthy weekly menus full with wholesome meals. Meanwhile, in our vending offerings we have increasingly substituted sugary snacks with healthier bites.

We also introduced a tailored schedule of events for the year. This programme includes a number of events that promote health and wellbeing such as nutritional days run by our in-house nutritionist as well as world environment days. The 2018 World Environment Day was the start of our push to reduce disposables. We set up an information table in the restaurant to explain the impact of disposables to our customers. In addition to this, we introduced reusable cutlery to Man Group floors to further reduce our waste.

“bartlett mitchell have tremendous passion and expertise, which inspires us with confidence. They instantly injected a new-found energy into our catering service through their fresh food and service developments.

We have been particularly impressed by their people-centric approach, right from the top, and the fantastic team spirit they have created”


  • Since the start of our contract with this client, we have achieved sustained year on year sales. We  reached these targets despite challenges from the outside economy.
  • Our efforts to reduce disposable waste have been successful. The use of disposable cups by employees reduced by 28%.
  • Our team was awarded a purple star in 2018 for outstanding food safety and health & safety results.
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