Purchasing relationships

We agree fair purchasing terms with all our suppliers, including our guarantee of prompt payment. We also give our partners the opportunity to show their product and service innovations at our team events.

All our partners provide product specifications to satisfy us that their levels of ethics, hygiene and safety meet our high standards.

Best-value purchasing

Our expert procurement team ensures we get the very best value and quality for our customers. We complete regular independent benchmarking to monitor food prices from the catering industry – which means our clients can have complete confidence in our purchasing decisions.

Open-book accounting

As part of our open-book policy, our clients can check our accounting procedures to satisfy themselves that we have an auditable and secure process.

Ethical supply chain

Our greatest environmental influence comes from our supply chain.  We appoint suppliers not only on their ability to provide quality products at the right price, but also on their environmental and ethical codes. We have specific guidelines, which we ask our suppliers to follow. And we are a member of Sedex which allows us to audit supply chains back to source. We thoroughly audit and review our supply chain to fully comply with the Modern Slavery Act 2015, you can download our policy here

Entrepreneurs wanted for BM Inc.

We set up our ambitious food start-up incubator. ‘BM Inc.’ It provides talented food service entrepreneurs with a mentor and pop-up residencies to give their delicious and original food ideas the best possible start. The entrepreneurs are eclectic. We gave a specialist Ice Lolly business that makes low sugar lollies using organic fruit and vegetables from local producers their first opportunity. From there they went on to have a guest spot in the VIP area at Glastonbury. These food features pepper the calendar, providing our customers with the newest foods and concepts.

We also champion the ‘newbies’ in the market place. Suppliers who bring innovation, but who find it challenging getting their products listed. The large scale distributors will tell them they need demand and volume but we recognise it’s impossible to generate demand without a product listing. You can read how we do this in our blog.

Entrepreneurs wanted for BM Inc.

If you’re an entrepreneur who is looking for a mentor and pop-up residency to help give your food ideas a great start, contact us.

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