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Vodka Vanilla Ice Cream

Vodka Vanilla Ice Cream

No churn, no fuss. This is a simple vodka vanilla ice cream recipe to make while the weather is getting a little warmer. Test out different alcohols and additions for a flavour that’s more “you”! Follow along with the recipe in this video.


  1. Add cream to a mixing bowl and whisk till pourable but noticeably whipped
  2. Add your vanilla paste and stir through
  3. Add your tin of condensed milk and mix. Don’t whip at this point or the mixture will split
  4. Pour in your vodka and mix it through
  5. Put the mixture into 1 or 2 freezer-proof containers, put a lid on them and pop in the freezer
  6. Freeze for 2 hours, remove from the freezer and give them a mix, then place back in the freezer for 2 more hours or till it has reached the desired consistency