My earliest food memory is when I was 6 years old, living in inner-city Birmingham. My mother and I were distracted by the glorious smells of the homemade baked (and ready) rice pudding and we were unable to wait for our roast to be cooked, so we ate the rice pudding first.

I’m fascinated to see, in a time of market disruptors including Trip Advisor and Uber, how new concepts like VizEat, ‘To Good to Go’ app or Amazon’s Restaurant Delivery Service (with or without drones) will change the food sector. My current food fad is BBQ and experimenting with food by smoking and slow grilling – at the moment I just look with envy at my friends’ Big Green Egg ceramic BBQs.

My favourite place to eat is Hartnett Holder & Co at Lime Wood – fun and foodie! It’s a restaurant and cookery school. The menu is Italian influenced, pulling together both Angela Hartnett and Luke Holder’s much admired signature styles.

My most memorable meal was my 40th Birthday celebrations in North Wales – never have so few people, cooked so much food that tasted so good!

My ideal dinner guests would be Tim Peake, Idris Elba, Claire Balding and Fearne Cotton for their interesting conversation and food choices.

I have a lot of cookbooks that I have used over the years. I grew up with Mrs Beaton and Delia, but now I am just as likely to reach for Nigella or Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall. More recently I have noticed that I am becoming worse at following recipes and often experiment.

Deciding to only have three items in my fridge would be very difficult as I have complete OCD about ensuring my fridge is always full. I also have 3 fridges (although one and a half are usually full of alcohol). If pressed, my three fridge staples would be Parmigiana-Reggiano, cold meats and fish left-overs with homemade chutney – you never know when friends may pop-in and a little snack is required.

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