My earliest food memory is from when I was about three years old. My mum fried rump steaks for lunch, and I’ve never forgotten the smell of fried garlic with beef.

Market and high street food that’s artisan and homemade is trending for me. My favourite is definitely Borough Market. There’s so much choice, and the variety of smells gives you an unforgettable market experience.

My favourite place to eat is Sky Garden at 20 Fenchurch Street – I love it.

My most memorable meal was the first time I had an English breakfast in the UK, just after I arrived from Portugal. I’ve tried my country’s version and hotel versions, but when you sit in a British pub and have the real breakfast, it’s memorable.

My ideal dinner guests are nice people who like lively conversation. This can be friends or someone who shares the same passions – anything from art, to food, to coffee would give us enough to talk about for the whole meal.

I normally don’t look at cookbooks, but when I need inspiration, I follow BBC Food recipes or try to find old recipes from my home town.

Three items I always keep in my fridge are cold water, ham and cheese.

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